Points For Product (P4P)

Use promotions based on activity completion to reward and motivate.
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Why Choose Points For Product?

We recommend points for product programs for their ability to directly and immediately impact sales and develop brand loyalty with your sales associates. Points for product programs provide clear insight into your sales force and encourage specific results.

Essential Features

  • Program Website — Custom Branding and Private, Participant-Only Access
  • Point Earning — Import Sales Data or Manual Claim Submission (With Validation)
  • E-Commerce Product Catalog — Optional Order Fulfillment and Point Purchasing
  • Participant Support — Online and Phone With Skilled Representatives
  • Program Management — Professional, Experienced Management Team
  • Effective Reporting — Detailed, Real-Time Reporting Options

How It Works

Associates submit sales claims for eligible products they sell. We audit and approve claims to add points to the associates account, which can be redeemed for merchandise from your brand at prices you select. To help associates get additional value out of their participation, we can allow them to purchase additional points to redeem a higher tier of product.

Sales associates get rewarded with your products for sales of your products. Upon accruing points based on goals your set, associates are allowed to purchase your products for personal use. Develop sales associates into brand advocates, with your brand as a personal recommendation. When your products are at the top of a sales associate's mind, your brand will be recommended more often and with greater enthusiasm.

Turn Goals Into Results

  • Increase overall sales performance.
  • Launch a new product line with greater impact.
  • Accompany an advertising campaign with point-of-sale encouragement.
  • Clear end-of-life products and make room for new merchandise.

When your goals shift over time, your points for product program will be able to keep up. Our flexible program infrastructure lets you adjust reward amounts and eligible products for specific timeframes in support of your marketing strategy.

What Does It Cost?

Partner Promo programs are competitively priced based on two components:

  • A one-time setup fee to prepare your program.
  • A monthly program administration fee to run and manage it.

Due to differences in the scope and audience of programs for different brands, we can offer the most precise cost estimate after learning more about your brand and goals.

Stimulate sales with a points for product program.

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