Employee Purchase (EPP)

Give partners preferred pricing for your products to build familiarity.
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Why Choose Employee Purchase?

Employee purchase programs build product and brand familiarity with your sales associates by making products available with preferred pricing. An employee purchase program helps your sales force win sales and demonstrate value to consumers.

Essential Features

  • Program Website — Custom Branding and Private, Participant-Only Access
  • Discount Codes — Provide Codes From Your Retail Website
  • E-Commerce Product Catalog — Optional Order Fulfillment
  • Participant Support — Online and Phone With Skilled Representatives
  • Program Management — Professional, Experienced Management Team
  • Effective Reporting — Detailed, Real-Time Reporting Options

How It Works

Eligible sales associates register for the program through a custom-branded program website. Once associates are approved, they are eligible for preferred pricing on select products.

Products can be offered directly through the program website or with single-use discount codes that participants can redeem on your brand’s retail website.

Sales associates gain familiarity with your products and become advocates who can recommend your brand based on their personal experience. Because of increased product exposure and experience, your brand will be recommended more frequently and with greater enthusiasm.

What Does It Cost?

Partner Promo programs are competitively priced based on two components:

  • A one-time setup fee to prepare your program.
  • A monthly program administration fee to run and manage it.

Due to differences in the scope and audience of programs for different brands, we can offer the most precise cost estimate after learning more about your brand and goals.

Build product and brand familiarity with an employee purchase program.

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